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Participation Fee:

For registration earlier than Aug. 31, 2020, the participation fee is 30,000 Japanese Yen (JPY) for regular participants. This includes the registration, proceedings, and the banquet. For students, the participation fee is JPY 10,000 (banquet is not included). For later registration, the participation fee is JPY 35,000 for regular participants, and JPY 15,000 for students. For additional information, see the table below.

Early registration
(before Aug.31,2020)
Regular registration
(after Aug.31,2020)
Regular Participant
(including lunches and Banquet)

JPY 30,000

JPY 35,000

(Lunch and Banquet not included)

JPY 10,000

JPY 15,000

Factory tours

JPY 5,000
(Half day : JPY2,500)

Additional presentation
(regular participant)

JPY 5,000 / presentation

Additional presentation

JPY 5,000 / presentation

(for studens and accompanying guests)

JPY 7,000

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