This conference aims to provide an atmosphere for researchers and engineers to discuss, exchange and expose ideas, methods and results in conventional, contemporary and future topics of positioning and ultraprecision positioning technologies. The first meeting was held as Korea-Japan Joint Conference in October 2002 in Taejon, Korea. Because the positioning technology is fundamental to nanotechnology and other high-tech industries all over the world, the conference was expanded to International Conference on Positioning Technology. The conferences were held as follows.

Conference Date City, Country
Joint Conf. Oct.15-17, 2002 Taejon, KOREA
1st June 9-11, 2004 Hamamatsu, JAPAN
2nd Oct.12-14, 2006 Jeju, KOREA
3rd Nov.26-28, 2008 Hamamatsu, JAPAN
4th Nov.24-26, 2010 Pusan, KOREA
5th Nov.14-16, 2012 Kaohsiung, TAIWAN
6th Nov.18-21, 2014 Kitakyushu, JAPAN
7th Nov.8-11, 2016 Seoul, KOREA
8th Nov.27-30, 2018 Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

The conference focuses on the followings, but are not limited to:
Actuaors Applications Assembly Case studies Control methods
Data processing Materials and Mechanism Mechatronics Modeling Nanotechnology
Positioning system Positioning components Positioning Design Sensors and Measurement Instruments Simulation

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